16. Jan, 2021

Expecting RAPTURE !

Paul includes himself with the living saints.

Why did Paul wait for the Lord Jesus during his lifetime?

Because the Lord had said that He will come back, but not when!


1.This waiting for the Lord is NOT something new from the 1800

2. What is Paul's drive to do so?

3. The answer he gives: Be encouraged by these words.

Our blessed hope! 1 Thess 4.

4. This world is not his home. Is it yours?? Is it mine?

5. The Lord said that He would bring us all into the House of the Father!

6. In a house you start living there. So we have a better House than here

on earth.

7. A Bride loves her Bridegroom and longs for Him. See: The Song of Solomon.

8. Do you want to see your Savior, face to face? Do you love Him above all things?

   A question I often ask myself too.

See here some arguments why Paul waited for his and my Lord.