Tsunami and the Netherlands

What happens when a Tsunami approaches our coast?

Hoek van Holland beach

What follows could be a live report of a tsunami or tidal wave approaching the coast.

It promises to be hot today. There is not much wind and at 10 o'clock in the morning the temperature is already at 22ÂșC. Walking slowly through the loose, warm sand, Nancy looks for a place to lie down in the sun. When she arrives at a part where not many people are lying, she puts down her bath supplies. At home she had already put on her black bikini for convenience, which combines wonderfully with her already lightly tanned white skin and her blond hair, which falls well over her shoulders. After laying down her bath towel on the warm sand and taking off her bathing dress, she lies down on her stomach facing the sea. The sound of the gentle rushing wind and surf guides her thoughts. Now that she is relaxing, she has time to think.

The past period had been quite hectic. First of all, there were the exams for the HBO program. Fortunately, she could go to her third year in September. After that, about 14 days ago, something had happened that she couldn't understand.

Suddenly a lot of people had disappeared.

The result had been a great chaos, also in the Netherlands. Major and small accidents had happened in companies, but also on the road and even in aviation. Elsewhere in the world, especially in the USA, the consequences had been even more severe. The wildest stories circulated about what could have happened. Some claimed that all those people had left Earth with UFOs, others thought of a worldwide suicide of some cult ...

While Nancy lets her thoughts go to the past few weeks, she raises her head and sees in the distance a seagoing vessel, escorted by a tug, slowly entering one of the fairways. For a moment she thinks about what it would be like to be allowed to work on a ship like that. To be able to make long journeys and to visit interesting ports ... However, her oppressive thoughts bring Nancy back to the past weeks, after all, a good friend of hers has also disappeared. She leaves the ship, the PONL Kobe, for what it is, closes her eyes and rests her head on her arms. The warm sun is good for her and she slowly dozes off, while the questions get stuck in her head.

She does not know how long she has been lying like this, but suddenly she is completely awake again. Something, but what, alarmed her? Startled, she sits up and looks at the sea, or at least where the sea and surf should be.


The sea has receded for more than a kilometer and the surf can no longer be heard. Nancy realizes this must have woken her up, the sound of the surf is gone!

She stands up to get a better view. In the distance she sees the PONL Kobe and the tugboat sailing, which have already sailed a long way up the canal. But is she seeing correct?  She takes a closer look at both ships. Yes, the ships are no longer progressing inland, but are sailing backwards towards the sea! How is that possible? What is going on here?

On the bridge of the ship the PONL Kobe is pilot Henk van der Wal.

He routinely navigates the ship through the channel to the terminal. Suddenly the ship seems to come to a stop, even though the engines are half ahead. A little later they even don'make progress anymore and even though the enginpower is increased to the maximum, they are pulled back to sea faster and faster.... All channels to the Europoort area seem to flow empty to the sea. Henk, but also the captain and helmsman on the bridge do not understand what is happening any more than Nancy. They grab their binoculars and stare towards the sea.

Far away there seems to be something wrong with the sea, on the horizon it is as if the sea is rising ... 

Captain Piet Geerts is the first to realize what is going on. Years ago he had been on an oiltanker in Yokohama Bay when a tsunami, a kind of tidal wave, had suddenly rolled from the sea into the bay. Their ship had been conveniently located then and the tsunami had not been very big. They had hardly drifted while the ship was tugging at its anchor chain when the tsunami, which was about 2 meters high, swept under the ship. In some places in the bay the wave had nevertheless gotten higher and considerable damage had occurred. Some small fishing boats had capsized, drowning several crew members.

Yes, a tsunami thinks Piet Geerts.

How is it possible, a tsunami here? But all signs point to it.

"People there is a tidal wave coming, and not a small one," he says, his brain working like an express train to determine what to do. They would have been best off on the open sea, but now they are in a channel where they have very limited room for maneuver and are rushing out backwards to the tidal wave that is approaching land at great speed. Thanks to their binoculars, they can now properly observe the tsunami.

It is unbelievable.

A tsunami of perhaps tens of meters high comes rushing towards them at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per hour.

Nancy is standing on the beach, now gazing towards the sea together with almost all bathers, from where an ever louder humming to roaring sound comes. Because they are much lower than Piet Geerts on the ship, they only see lateron how a tidal wave is coming to them.

It soon becomes apparent that it is a towering wave. Nancy's sun-tanned face turns white, she feels nauseous and her knees seem to give way. Around her several bathers, overcome with fear, fall unconscious to the floor. A few people develop breathing difficulties and there are those who suffer a heart attack.

Nancy would like to scream, but no sound comes from her opened mouth. She stands there paralyzed, while the wave that gets higher and higher speeds towards the beach. Suddenly the tsunami is deafening with her. Like a matchstick she is picked up at great speed and thrown against the concrete of the high buildings on the boulevard. Her body is shattered by the force.

Buildings collapse under great piles of water, as the wave rushes further into the land, causing death everywhere.

Before pilot Henk van der Wal or captain Piet Geerts can do anything useful, the enormous wave has approached their position. The violence that unleashes itself a little later is indescribable. Despite its size, the seagoing vessel seems to have become a surfboard. The rushing wave lifts the ship and for a moment it looks like it will be thrown upside down. It goes higher and higher until the ship surfs into land at a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour, almost at the top of the wave. After a few minutes, the PONL Kobe collides with a deafening bang against the installations of an oil refinery at Europoort.

While the devastating wave is crushing tanks across the area, releasing millions of tons of oil, chemicals, liquefied gas and other hazardous materials within a short time.

It is only a matter of seconds for this explosive mixture to ignite.

The effect is comparable to the power of a number of atomic bombs. The blaze that arises rages after the tidal wave and destroys everything that has survived the passage of the tsunami. For a moment it seems that the tidal wave itself will be caught up and weakened by the force of the explosions, but the mass of water, still racing at great speed, cannot be stopped. This violence, together with more and more explosions of crushed tanks, storage sites, etc., quickly wipes out the whole of the Netherlands.

The tsunami continues to roll over the border with Germany, only to be slowly brought to a standstill by the rising country. Two other countries on the North Sea suffer the same fate as the Netherlands, while great damage is also caused elsewhere. The result is astonishing. In less than an hour, millions of people have died and once fertile and economically prosperous countries have been wiped out forever, yes, an area that no one will travel through anymore ...

Is the above a real danger?

If I cause wild beasts to pass through the land, and they ravage it, and it be made desolate, so that no one may pass through because of the beasts,  ... Ezekiel 14:15

You trampled the sea with Your horses, the surging of mighty waters. I hear, and my body trembles; my lips quiver at the sound; rottenness enters into my bones; my legs tremble beneath me. Habakkuk 3:15, 16 See also Luke 21: 25,26

These two prophecies explain it all!