16. Jan, 2021

Revealing the Future.

The return of the Prince of Peace.


I will give notes of the predictions at the end of the study. IN A NEW BLOG

1.       Russia, Iran, Turkey and others will be drawn towards Israël and will sent their armies to Syria. Other countries will join them.

2.      Probably Damascus will be destroyed while Israël is far from happy with these developments and tries to send the armies of Iran out of Syria.

3.      In Europe ten states will choose to work together, to form a combined army.

4.      At a moment in the near future a lot of people disappear suddenly. Causing chaos around the globe.

5.      At that moment the ten states of Europe will choose a man as leader of them, giving him all their power military, economically etc.

6.     A huge natural disaster is now crippling the USA, ending their world power and as a result world economics will be in a big crisis.

7.      Three countries in Europe will be submerged by huge tsunamis caused by the the natural disaster that hits the USA.

8.     The ten leaders that just have picked their leader in the EU, will drown in above’s event of the tsunami’s.

9.     The leader of the ten states will survive and will descend out of the water.

10.   People will accept this leader now while he seems so powerful.

12.   The events from above cause world economic to collapse and the result will be poverty and many pestilences worldwide. Millions of people will die now. Most likely 25% of all mankind will perish.

11.    Meanwhile Russia, Iran and many others think that they are now able to wipe Israel of the map. They will start a big war from the north of Israel. But instead of fighting Israel, their armies go mad and fight one another.

With the powers of the USA, Russia and the extreme muslin countries gone, the way is free to the leader of the ten states of Europe. He will lead the world in conquering the troubles now ahead. To do so he will introduce a world system of distribution of goods.

Every person must accept a mark on his/her hand or forehead, and when a person does not want this, he/she will be killed.