The Netherlands under water?

Why the Netherlands and two other EU countries are disappearing.

In Daniel 7: 8 and 20 we read that there are ten horns where in between  another one grows. When the latter horn gets a mouth and eyes, three out of the first ten are ripped out. Broken away.

That is: After the anti-christ is elected as leader of the renewed Roman Empire, in the EU, three rulers from the first ten will be removed .

Pulling out means that it does not happen voluntarily, but that it is accompanied by violence. When the dominion of a country is taken away, that is what a ruler or horn stands for, it means that the country itself ceases to exist. And so it is not on a voluntary basis, otherwise someone else would take his place.

As I have indicated before, the three horns will only be ripped out after the anti-christ becomes public. This then happens after the rapture of the believers. This takes place before the great tribulation. For details, see the other pages on this site.

The tsunami disaster that will hit America is the first seal to be opened in Revelation 6:1. This disaster will also affect Europe. After all, as far as I know, there are no separate prophecies about pulling out the three horns. But it must be at the beginning of the great tribulation, See Daniel 7

The only judgment that takes place at the beginning of the great tribulation is the first seal and the natural disaster. When the same natural disaster hits the USA and Europe, it is inevitable that three countries on the western side of Europe will be affected.

The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark are the lowest-lying countries that will disappear under water. (or largely) And with that, they cease to be separate states with their own power structure, of which the horn is an image. There is no doubt that more countries in Europe will be affected by this tsunami, but they will not disappear completely.

The three countries mentioned above will be depopulated by it.

See also Ezekiel 14: 12-23 How the Bible describes it when a country is depopulated. This section is similar to the four judgmental disasters of Revelation 6.

Ezekiel 14: 12- says that in such a country man and animal (livestock) are exterminated and that the land is left to the wild animals.

After the Indian Ocean tsunami, we know what such a coastal area looks like. Depopulated. However, the Netherlands is half below sea level, so the consequences here are even more terrible.

These 3 countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, will be depopulated by this tsunami disaster just after the rapture of the true christians.

Repent to God before it's too late.

Now you still can!