Is America in Bible prophecy?

The answer must be: Yes.

Although it is not easy to understand where in the Bible .

Let us read the Prophet Jonah, all 4 chapters of it. Now there is a parallel between the life of Jonah and of the Jews, specially the two tribes of Israel.

1. Disobedient, going away from the Lord. Compare King Zedekiah, see Jeremiah 52.

2. Jonah thrown into the sea. In Revelation 17:15 the waters are a symbol of the nations. The disobedient people of Israel will be dispersed among the nations.

3. In the sea Jonah is caught by a big fish. While the Jews are living among many nations, they are brought together by a strong nation, nazi Germany, in the 2nd World War.

A normal behavior for a fish that swallows something is that the essences in its belly will start breaking down this food. I think that Jonah did not look very beautiful after he had been in this fish. The people of Nineveh must have seen that he had been in the place of death. When the rest of the Jews come out of the concentration camps, they look like coming back from death. See also Ezekiel 37, the bones coming together. But the people of Israel were dispersed among many nations, so to be able to bring them together in these camps, the ruler who wanted to do that had to occupy these countries first. We know that Hitler did exactly that.

4. After the time that Jonah was in Nineveh, he builds himself a small shelter east of that city. The Jews went east of Europe, where they came from, and rebuild the fallen hut of David. See Joel 2.

5. God gives to Jonah a big tree for better shelter. King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, is called a big tree under which branches many nations take shelter.

There is only one nation in the world that gave the new state of Israel from the start real protection and that is the USA. They are the big tree that grew fast. Really by taking part in the 2nd world war and fighting against Germany and Japan made the USA a world power. This took only a little time. But that big tree will die suddenly. That is the lesson from Jonah 4.

6. After the tree in Jonah 4 dies, the hot eastern wind starts blowing. This means in scripture always a big war in Israel.

7. Than the heat is so great that Jonah wants to die. Now the Lord comes to him and explains His plans with Nineveh. Here we see tribulation time, a time that people seek death but death is fleeing from them. Read in Revelation 9:6. At the end of this most terrible time the Lord Jesus comes back on earth and the Jews will see upon Him, Who they sent to the cross. Now the Jews will understand that Jesus is their Messiah. And they will mourn over Him.

This parallel between the live of Jonah and history of Israel is clear.

The consequence is that the big tree is America. This protector has to be taken away from Israel, so the Lord can cleans Israel like silver in a bowl. That is one reason why tribulation time has to come.

As many Bible teachers state, rapture will bring chaos in the USA, weakening its strength. I believe that the first seal that is opened in Revelation 6 is not the antichrist, but that it is a natural disaster that will hit the USA and also Europe.

This conqueror from the first seal comes to win and overcoming.

So to speak we can do nothing to avoid it. The anti-christ you can disobey, although it will cost you your head. Compare the 4 seals in Revelation 6 with the 4 angels in chapter 4 and read then Ezekiel 1, the throne of God with these special angels.

Think about it what means a wheel in a wheel, and when the angels lift themselves from earth the wheels are lifted from earth. I believe the angels and the wheels, horses with their riders in Rev 6. are so closely linked together and mean Gods' judgment ways for people that don't listen to Him. (See Ezekiel 1:19-21 for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.)

Rev. 6:8 shows us the impact of those horses 25% of mankind will be killed.

The wild beast means that nobody will pass through this land for a long time. That happened before with the land Israel also, like God predicted in Deuteronomy 28. Read also Ezekiel 14: 12-end. The four judgments from the Lord leave the land desolate.

What kind of a disaster will happen to the USA?

When we read Habakkuk 3:10- end, we read in vs 15 that the waters will rise to a heap when the Lord walks with His horses through the sea. This will be in the time that the Lord is coming to the salvation of His people (Israel). That is in tribulation time. See a parallel in Luke 21:25-26.

There is logic in these judgments in Revelation 6.

First the USA must loose its power totally will it be possible for Iran and other countries with Russia to start a war in Israel (see Ezekiel 38,39) The war materials left by these countries in Israel will be good for 7 years of power consumption. The duration of tribulation time.

Like Rev 6: 3 and 4 explains the second horse is war. But they will kill one another. This happened in the time of Gideon also. The 300 men only had to make a little noise and the enemy killed one another. I believe that Zechariah 12:4 tells us probably how this will happen: God will smite these armies with madness etc. The third seal in Rev.6 is famine, the fourth is pestilences.

You see the logic in following order?

Is the US in prophecy? The answer must be yes!

But the prophecy is not a nice one.

But there is still time to come to the Lord with all our sins. Repent now! Time of mercy is still there, but for how long? Those who believe in Jesus as their Savior will be taken away by the Rapture, before the USA is finished as a world power.