You go out to save Your people. Habakkuk 3: 13

God starts here with the salvation of His people Israel. That means that the time of the Gentiles, the time of grace, the time of the Church is over.

The seventieth year week of Daniel has begun.

What do we read in this chapter of Habakkuk?

It ends with a well-known song: Although the fig tree will not flower ... And all those other very serious things that speak of the Great Tribulation. Terrible things.

But we read earlier in this chapter about the appearance of the Lord in all His majesty. Vs 3-5. See Ezekiel 1 for this wonderful, terrifying appearance of the Lord.

This is accompanied by: Plague, and fever vs 5

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions vs 6.7

Tsunamis and flooding of rivers vs 8-10

Sun and moon are obscured by possibly the tail of a comet or something similar vs11

War in Israel vs 14 . See:  Ezekiel 38/39

TSUNAMI's vs 15

And the result is that people are fainting with fear.

Compare Luke 21:25, 26

We already see some of these signs as birth pains, and after much study I believe that at the beginning of the great tribulation, when God goes out to save Israel, there will be great floods and tsunamis, accompanied by or caused by major earthquakes which will completely change the balance of power between large countries.

The result is that Russia and Iran, with others, will attack Israel from the north . Then we read in vs 14 how God deals with the army of many nations to save Israel. We read about it in Ezekiel 38/39 and the result is that the people of Israel will recognize that only God could do this! The result of these things will be that there will be great famine and death from pandemics.

The four horses from Revelation 6 indicate this: 

1.  Wild animals depopulating the country,

2.  War,

3.  Hunger and

4.  Plague diseases.

Yes, then comes that verse: even though the fig tree would not flower ... Nevertheless I will shout in the Lord, shout in the God of my salvation. The Lord Lord is my strength.

Great if, despite all the distress and misery, you can say / sing that!